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Horná Rosinská 47, 013 22 Rosina, Slovensko
Company profile

Our company was established in year 1992. Our primary goal is to provide the customers with complex services, implementing property fencing with forged metal.

Our customers may choose from wide line of patterns according to our catalogs or by consulting.

All forged products can be further surface-customized, in such a way the quality and the look of the product will increase.

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Our coating service offers three ways of the coating:

1. Complete zinc
2. Spraying with polyurethane paint
3. Patination
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In the case of your interest we can proceed an appropiate building work:

  • building adjusting - concreting foundations
  • setting pillars
  • laying concrete blocks
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We are looking forward to your interest and future cooperation. In the case of your interest, please contact us on up-listed phone numbers or by email (kdn-ploty@kdn-ploty.sk).

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